Our House In Kalomo

Our house was built from burnt bricks during the colonial era. The outside walls were painted yellow. Inside the house was a hearth for heating the house and a chimney rose from it through the roof and like most old houses around us, these chimneys could be seen for miles away. Our house had three bed rooms, a living room combined with dining room and large windows that faced the main road. In our kitchen, there was a large pantry with shelves which must have been used to store foods by the original inhabitants, we used the shelves to decorate with our best china. There was also the fat bellied black coal stove in our kitchen which sat on an elevated slab which lent a permanent smell of burning stone or wood to our house. A large water heater sat above pot bellied stove, but we never had hot water from it because it was not connected to the electric, only the coal.

Our house smelt like most old colonial houses (we had lived in a few of them) of smoke and burnt brick that we could not get rid of no matter how well we cleaned it. A staircase with about five steps led to a grey door led into our kitchen, where we spent most of our afternoons and evenings as girls, chatting, singing and watching the town lights through our open door; from there, we could see the nearest middle school, and sprawling neighborhoods.


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