Hello WORLD!

Hello World, indeed! That is a wonderful greeting because I feel like from our little cave, I am standing on the highest mountain in the world and shouting to the whole world, hey WORLD! I have a story to share and I hope you will listen.

Myamericandreamblog.com is my attempt to share with the world and America what chances we have at embracing the opportunities America offers and if at all it is possible to live that American dream as a first generation new immigrant. It is my attempt to do what Reality Shows do with expensive Cameras, professional journalists, photographers and all the media personnel one could think of. We may have had to be in a special place or circumstances for the world to even hear us, but the internet offers us an opportunity to project our livelihoods for less.

The reason I could attempt to do this is because I believe that, all one needs to do a lot of things in life, is determination and a dogged will to carry on regardless of their circumstances. You will notice through my sharing, that this belief has been challenged over and over again in my life. I have faced failure, come against hurdles, been hurt and sometimes I have died a little to my goals. But the best News is that, I have risen up each time, if not to pursue the same goals, to distract myself with new ideas (I never run out of those).

This is the story of our lives. It is our dream unfolding from way back. If you think or do not think there is such a thing as “The American Dream” and whether it exists at all, may be you could learn something from our lives. It is free and I hope that we inspire you by our struggles, joys, sorrows, failures and successes. Welcome to MY BLOG.


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