8 years of suffering under Barack Obama

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Photo credit: The Associated Press ? The sentence I hear most from well-meaning, conservative friends since President Trump’s election is this: “We suffered 8 years under Barack Obama.” Fair enough. Let’s take a look. The day Obama took office, the Dow closed at 7,949 points. Eight years later, the Dow had almost tripled. General Motors and Chrysler were… Continue reading 8 years of suffering under Barack Obama

Building Audience – For My Classmates

                       This is a special article I am doing for my Creative Writing New Media classmates. A visit to my WordPress website about my American Dream might be a true statement of what the American Dream is or is not. I have several blogs but I dedicated this one to talking about our lives here in America. Like most immigrants, we want to live the … Continue reading Building Audience – For My Classmates

On A Mission Into the Unknown

Brian (my husband) with Kuwunda outside our family house in Ibex Hill, Zambia. Flowers grow outside our family house in Ibex Hill, Zambia. I loved gardening and planted flowers for sale. I sat behind the door sobbing, feeling depressed and lost. Either the change of environment or realizing that I was far away from the rest of my family, my marriage was far from good … Continue reading On A Mission Into the Unknown

Discovering America

After our short excursion with our hosts, the Chaavas in Irving Washington D.C., where we had the first opportunity to wonder at America’s landscape, environment, architecture and large stores like Target, we headed for Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. It would be a shame if I did not talk about our first experiences in an American home. The Chaava’s treated us to an amazing breakfast the first morning … Continue reading Discovering America

Starting From The Beginning – or there about

Kalomo was a tiny little town with only two tarred streets and a highway running across, that linked several farming towns in the Southern Province of Zambia and the rest of the country. The population of the town then, according to statistics was five thousand. We knew almost everyone who lived there, or at best they knew us because of where we lived, right in … Continue reading Starting From The Beginning – or there about

Hello WORLD!

Hello World, indeed! That is a wonderful greeting because I feel like from our little cave, I am standing on the highest mountain in the world and shouting to the whole world, hey WORLD! I have a story to share and I hope you will listen. Myamericandreamblog.com is my attempt to share with the world and America what chances we have at embracing the opportunities … Continue reading Hello WORLD!